Every price is for one person.

Ingredients may change depending on the season and shopping situation.

Vegetarian and vegan menu is available for Tempura, Onigiri, Ramen class. 

We will use seafood and meat in every menu.

Please ask us in advance when you have dietary restrictions.

  (Please understand when I may not be able to accommodate your requests. If this situation arises, please accept my apologies.) 

You can choose only one menu for one class.

When you sign up for fewer than 4 people and other customers have already booked the class before  

   you did, you will have a same menu as the one they chose.



Every class is up to 4 people maximum.

We might be able to accept a bigger group (up to 6 people) depending on the situation so please ask us. (Please understand that we can not accommodate your request if you have someone has dietary restrictions in your group.)  

You may have other customers in the same class when you are under 4 people.

Customers need to be over 16 years old.

Please ask us when you would like a private class.



Payment needs to be made via Paypal by 3 days before the class date.

Your booking may be cancelled automatically when you don't make payment by the due date.



■Booking needs to be made no later than 18:00 a day before the class date. 



Please send a mail to us when you would like to change or cancel your booking. 


 ・More than 3 days before the class date: 100% 

 ・Mor2 days before the class date: 50%

 ・A day before the class date or on the date: No refund

You can not get any refund when you don't come to the class for any reasons without informing us in