YAMAYAKI on Mt. Wakakusa

One of the biggest event in Nara will be held on Jan 25th! 

This event tells us early spring will be be coming soon.  

Mt. Wakakusa (342m) which is on the east side of Todaiji temple will get burned at night for the repose of the soul, disaster prevention and praying for the world peace. You can see the burning mountain from Nara Park and also right in front of you at the foot of the mountain. It's just spectacular!! You can also enjoy more than 600 fireworks above the mountain. 

Why don't you plan your trip to Nara to see this wonderful event!? 

I hope to see you in my cooking class too! 



17:05  A parade of torch leaves Tobihino 

17:40  Ritual at Nogami Shrine (on the foot of the mountain)

18:15   Fireworks

18:00  Ignite the mountain