We have decided to close our cooking class for the time being due to COVID-19.

I will let you know when the schedule are changed.


cooking experience

Don't you wanna experience that you can have only in Japan?

NARA JAPANESE COOKING is a perfect hands-on activity

for someone seeking extra fun!


 NARA JAPANESE COOKING is a hands-on cooking activity in English for the foreign visitors to a historical city, Nara. We will teach you not only how to cook the cuisine but also some Japanese cooking methods and knowledge. You haven't cooked many before? You don't have confidence in your cooking? Even if so, you don't need to feel worried to join in our cooking class! Each process is simple and our home chef, Chie will demonstrate first and guide you one by one. We will also provide a recipe so you can enjoy the Japanese cuisines we made together at home too. Let's enjoy delicious Japanese food and a fun chat together. Please come join in our class!   


 Hi. I'm Chie! I was born and raised in a beautiful city, Nara. I had always wanted to do something can entertain foreign travelers to Nara and to provide them with an opportunity that they can experience Japanese culture. My former job is a manager of a guesthouse in Nara. Interacting with many people from all around the world in the guesthouse motivated me to start my cooking class. 

 I want my cooking class to be a place not only for learning how to cook Japanese cuisines but also for exchanging our different cultures. I love to meet people and LOVE to talk so I always enjoy a fun chat with the customers while eating! I will be very happy if our cooking class becomes a part of your unforgettable memory in Japan. Please come join in my class! I will be looking forward to seein you.